Clinical Nutrition
Ruth Shuster
naturopathic doctor
A healthy diet is important for our body’s overall health. The food we eat is literally the building blocks for energy production and thus vital for sustaining health. With Dr. Ruth ND, specific diets can be tailored to your individual needs and may also include the recommendation of nutritional supplementation. Supplements sold by Dr. Ruth are from the highest quality physician grade companies only.

Food Allergy Testing:

Food sensitivities can cause a mirad of symptoms not typically associated with "allergies".  Health issues such as: Eczema, Bed-wetting, Headache/Migraines, Bowel problems, Trouble concentrating, Mood disorders, Low blood sugar, and Chronic ear infections can all be linked to food sensitivities.

Dr. Ruth Shuster, ND offers food allergy testing via an IgG blood test from Rocky Mountain Analytical Labs.  This test evaluates an individuals sensitivity to various foods. Please contact Dr. Shuster directly for more information.

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